Bruckman, Ralph      December 25, 1948 - March 12, 2017 

     After graduation Ralph went on to receive his BA in Psychology, and his Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling. Later in life, he also acquired a Masters in Information Technology, and studied and received his certification as a Financial Planner. He held many positions throughout the years due to his varied education. Most recently, as an adjunct professor of computer science. Ralph can also be remembered as an avid storyteller, committed teacher and expert at trivia. In addition, Ralph took on a primary role in putting together this website for our 50th class reunion.
     He has 2 wonderful sons. Paul and Adam.


Conant, John
Our yearbook remembers John as being a very artistic fellow. So much so, that he was voted as being the "most artistic" guy in our class. But this was not his only claim to fame in the yearbook, as this good looking fellow was also voted " Dreamiest Date". 

Davidson, Frank           May 17, 1949 - May 14, 2015

     After graduation, Frank completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and took a position as a staff counselor for the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind. After some time, he left this field and pursued an interest in transpertation systems by buying, and running a taxi and courier service. 
     Frank's passions included: current affairs, music, literature and sports. Later in life, he was reunited with, and married classmate Sandra MacNaugton (who predeceased him). 

Denison, Emmett ("Mike")    December 20, 2016

     Emmett (we all know him as "Mike") was a resident of Cheney, Washington for many years. Most recently, Emmett, his wife Menchu, and young daughter Azley resided in Tacloban, Philippines. "Mike" was the father of two adult children. They are Cheyenne Biondi and Strider G. Denison. He was also the grandfather of three.
     His classmates remembered him as the " Happy Hellion" in the yearbook. However,

his son Strider remembers him as being a man of many talents. Those being: a hippy, cowboy, blue collar guy, brother, best friend, carpenter, bossman, MacGyver, salty and sweet, funny, barter faire camper, creative, deep in thought, honest in convictions and truly full of love. Lastly, and most important, Dad!  


DiGiaimo, Thomas J.     September 26, 1949 - June 27, 1995

Thomas loved life....always happy and always seeing things in a way that no one else seemed to. He was taken very tragically and much to early, but he made a mark on all who knew him and loved him that will never be forgotten. 

Drummond (Lynn), Helene
Jan. 26, 1949 - May 2, 2012

      Helene was born and raised in Pearl River, New York. She worked for IBM in Montvale for 21 years, and was a resident of Bergenfield, New Jersey.
     She was married to Jeffery for 27 years, and was the loving mother of one daughter. Helene also was a grandmother of three.

Fehsal, Shari Rae  Jan. 5, 1949 - April 30, 2008

     Our yearbook reports Shari as having been a lover of animals and the great outdoors. Little is known about Shari's accomplishments following high school. However, we do know her last residence was in Seeley Lake, Montana and she was the devoted mother to one son.  


Fish, Keith  

Our yearbook remembers Keith as someone who was very interested in aeronautics and wanted to become a commercial pilot after attending college. 

Gorton, Kenneth

     Our yearbook remembers Kenny as being a leisure loving guy, who enjoyed a good game of pool . Little is known about what he accomplished once he graduated. However, he had hoped to become an electrical engineer. 

Graham, Mark                   Passed in 1993


     Little is known about what Mark accomplished after leaving high school. However, his sister Nadine reported that he passed suddendenly at age 44, leaving behind a wife and two young sons. 


Keegan, Alice

     Our yearbook remembers Alice as being someone who was very interested in business and had planned on becoming a secretary. She also enjoyed bowling or hanging out at the pool with friends. 

Keenan, Thomas

Upon graduation fron high school, Tom enlisted in the military and served four years, including eighteen months in Vietnam. After that, he went back to school to become an Infection Control Nurse. In that capacity, he worked many years at the Rockland Psychiatric Center in Orangeburg. When not working, his interests included ice hockey and golf. 
     Our last class directory lists Tom as being married to Patti, and having two sons named Tommy Jr. and Tyrel.

Lovett, Nancy          July 28,1949 - November 1, 2014

     Nancy graduated from Bethany College in 1971. Upon graduation, she worked for the Rockland County Probation Department. Next, Nancy moved on to Clairol Inc., where she was a district sales manager. Embarking on a another career, she worked for the Lovett Realty Company as their president and cheif executive officer.  
     She was remembered as an enthusiastic classmate with a warm smile, who was known for organizing events and bridging together various class groups. She also was a devoted aunt to her many neices and nephews.


MacNaughton, (Davidson) Sandra Baxter
                                  December 11, 1948 -  July 1, 2008

 Sandra was born in Pearl River, New York, and graduated from Pearl River High School in 1967. After high school, she attended Berkeley Secetarial School. She worked as an administrator for the New York State Parks Commission until 1975.  Sandy later became Director of the Museum of Hudson Highlands, retiring in 2007, after 20 years of service. 
     She was survived by her husband, Frank Davidson (our classmate), and her two children. 

Marsicano, Drew     March 1, 1948 - March 3, 2008


After graduation and during the Vietnam era, Drew served in the U.S. Air Force. Upon serving, he moved to Colorado and married Deborah Thorup. Until his passing, they lived in Canon City, Colorado. He and his wife were the parents of two sons. He also leaves behind two grandchildren. 

McCoy, Brian         April 4, 1948 - April 16, 2008

      Brian was born in New York City on April 4, 1948, and lived in Pearl River,  before relocating to Andes , N.Y. in 1978. While living in Andes, he owned the Real McCoys, Aos Kitchen and Brian Electric. In his spare time, he enjoyed fishing, music, and playing original compositions on the piano. Brian was also a very talented sculptor                                             
     Brian was the father of three, and grandfather of two.


Mendleson, Lynne

     Our yearbook remembers Lynn as a student who was very involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. Those being, Mask and WIg, Current Issues Club and Yearbook. She was also a member of the Future Teachers of America, and had hoped to become a special education teacher in the future. Outside of school Lynn enjoyed reading, writing, playing the guitar and listening to records. 

Ochs, William
Our yearbook remembers Bill as being a very, involved fellow, who many times could be observed behind the scenes. He was a manager of our basketball, football and tennis teams. He also loved music and played the saxophone in our school and dance bands. 
     After high school he had hoped to attend the University of Maine, where he was going to major in math with the intention of becoming a teacher. 


Pollack (Geist), Ronni      October 30, 2016

After graduation, Ronni earned a BA Degree in Fine Arts from Farleigh Dickenson, an MA Degree in Education from Seton Hall, and completed course work for a Doctorate Degree (EdD) from NYU. Her career was multifaceted. She held positions as an Instructor and Assistant Director of Reading/Study Skills at Elizabeth Seton College, Ramapo College and Bronx Community College. She also owned and operated Geist Writers with her husband Harry Geist. In her spare time, Ronni played and taught piano, guitar and accordian. She also enjoyed sewing.
     Ronni is survived by her husband of 44 years, Harry Geist. 


 Rommer, Rich    
March 12, 1949 - March 25, 2016 

Rich was the Owner of Gourmet Greens in Chester, VT, which he founded in 1986. He grew and sold fresh wheatgrass and greens to customers throughout the Northeast. Rich was also an avid contra dancer, photographer, and lover of traditional and classical music. In addition, Rich enjoyed singing with the groups, Village Harmony and River Singers, and at Star Island Retreat.
       Rich was the father of three,  grandfather of four. 



Salvesen, Roger     October 16, 1948 - March 25, 2017
    Roger had a great life. After graduating from Pearl River High School in 1967, he got a degree from the RCA Institute of Technology in NYC. Following, he got a job with the Xerox Corporation for whom he worked until 2004, when he retired. 
      Roger was married in 1972 to Patricia (Swinny) . Together, they had four sons. Throughout the years they resided in various places, Virginia, New York, South Carolina, Arizona and Idaho.
     Roger made furniture, and was a skilled cabinet maker in retirement. He loved the outdoors. hiking and biking when he could. He and his wife were also faithful church members and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.




Schindler, Ellen (Bradley)   
June 29, 1949 - May 23, 2012

After graduation from PRHS, Ellen relocated to Honolulu, HI and soon on to Buffalo, N.Y. She continued her education and received her BS from Medaille College in Buffalo. Ellen built her career in marketing and advertising, eventually moving her to Charlotte, N.C. with her husband Roy.
     Ellen enjoyed spending time with her extended family, traveling, participating in the arts and reading. Ellen was a stepmom of two and grandmother of seven. 

Soben, Alan     October 20, 1948 - March 19, 1989

Alan was born in NYC, raised in Pearl River, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. He became a floral and event designer, and subsequently opened his own, successful business called Zarren. There, he took care of everything from florals and props, to the total design of events.
     His family and friends remember him for being funny, caring, loving and kind. He was also a person of his word, who watched over and took care of his family, friends and clients. He is greatly missed by his siblings, Penny and Wayne. 

Thessen, Alex

Alex was remembered in the yearbook as a quiet senior, who attended BOCES.  While there, he studied to become a machinist and auto mechanic. 
     As we have little information about what he pursued once he graduated, we do know he had a fun side about him. This being, that Alex had the distinct honor of being the only person that appeared twice in the Washington class picture! 


 Wayne, George              
April 2016
     George and his family moved to Pearl River in 1962. This is when he developed a lifetime friendship with another classmate, Ron Triano. Ron fondly remembers George as having a wonderful sense of humor. George was also a great mechanic, and he enjoyed working on motorcycles and cars. As an animal lover, he especially loved riding his horses, and caring for his dogs. 


Winne, (Stern) Barbara  Nov 13,1949 - Dec 14, 2015 

    After graduation, Barbara attended Western Conn. State University and Walden University. Later, she moved to Mechanicsburg, PA, and became an Algebra teacher for the Harrisburg School District, as well as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Pennsylvania. 
     After thirty years as an educator, she enjoyed life by traveling the world, and taking in shows. However, her greatest joy was spending time with her 2 children.

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