We welcome all Geeks, Jocks, Greasers, Pom-Pom Girls and Loose Women to The 50th Class Reunion for Pearl River’s Class of 1967. All kidding aside, and with all labels and stereotypes relegated to the past, we welcome you all!
      After 50 years, we have all grown emotionally in some way. By now, we have all dealt with what life has brought us. Be it the great joys of life…relationships, children, grandchildren and good health or, the tragic events it brings like heartbreak, poor health, and the passing of loved ones, we are all equal. Remember, Life is the Great Equalizer. With that said, we would like everyone to feel equal and welcomed to our 50th class reunion.

     We all hope that you, and maybe a guest, will be able to attend one or more of the activities we have put together for a weekend of fun. As you will see, on the following web pages we have offered you a variety of events to attend. In doing so, we have also tried to be considerate of costs, time constraints and physical abilities.

     So you Cats and Chicks, turn off your Boob Tube, put down your Brew, get out some Green (in the form of a check to Maureen or Donna), and Beat It to our ticket page. Once you do that, you will be part of a Groovy weekend, among friends. Don’t worry about the Mileage you may be showing, or your Chrome Dome, we want YOU there. So, Go With The Flow and Don’t Sweat It.  Be There, or Be Square and everything will be Copasetic.

     Putting the 60’s slang aside, please come, as we would love to see all of you.

Linda Hoene Amann
 on behalf of the
Pearl River High School

Class of 1967
Reunion Commitee